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    What are the uses of Nexito Plus?

    Nexito Plus Tablet is a medicine that is used for the treatment of Anxiety, Treatment of panic disorder, Major depressive disorder, Anxiety disorder, Depression, Agitation and other conditions.
    The complete list of uses and indications for Nexito Plus Tablet is as follows:
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    Reviews - Nexito Plus Tablet Uses

    The following are the results of on-going survey on for Nexito Plus Tablet. These results only indicate the perceptions of the website users. Please base your medical decisions only on the advice of a doctor or a registered medical professional.
    The most commonly reported use of this medicine is for 'Anxiety'.
    Use Users Percentile Effective
    Treatment of panic disorder28
    Major depressive disorder24
    Anxiety disorder18
    Panic disorder6
    Treatment of seizure disorder6
    Mental disorder5
    Absence infantile spasms3
    Depressive disorder2
    • Major
    • Moderate
    • Slight
    • None
    • Can't tell
    Participants: 177
    64 out of 76 users report that this medicine is effective.
    Effective Users Percentile
    Does not work12
    Participants: 76
    Users report most commonly using this medicine 'after food'.
    Frequency Users Percentile
    Empty Stomach2
    Before food0
    After food47
    Participants: 51
    41 out of 81 users report that they regularly use this medicine to manage their health.
    Users Percentile
    Yes, always, to control health problem41
    No, only when problem occurs or worsens40
    Participants: 81
    Time of Use
    Users report most commonly using this medicine at 'night only'.
    Timing Users Percentile
    Night only39
    Morning only6
    Morning, afternoon and night2
    Morning and night2
    Morning and afternoon1
    Afternoon only1
    Participants: 51
    57 out of 58 users report that the medicine has been prescibed by a doctor.
    Users Percentile
    Prescribed by a doctor57
    Not prescribed by a doctor1
    Participants: 58
    Users report always adhering to the prescribed schedule.
    Users Percentile
    Participants: 45
    Reason for Non-adherence
    "I experienced side effects" is the most commonly reported reason for non adherence of this medicine.
    Reason Users Percentile
    I experienced side effects2
    Financial reason1
    Participants: 3
    Ease of Usage
    Users most commonly report that it is a little difficult to take this medicine as prescribed.
    Difficulty Users Percentile
    A little5
    Not at all3
    Participants: 10
    Habit Forming
    2 out of 10 users report that this medicine is habit forming.
    Users Percentile
    Yes, is habit forming2
    No, not habit forming8
    Participants: 10
    Stopped Using
    6 out of 8 users report that they have stopped using this medicine.
    Users Percentile
    Yes, stopped using6
    No, never stopped using2
    Participants: 8
    Reason to Stop Using
    'Change in health plan coverage' is the most commonly reported reason to stop using this medicine.
    Reason Users Percentile
    Change in health plan coverage2
    Doctor's advice2
    Course of treatment ended1
    Side effects too severe1
    Participants: 6
    Cheaper Alternative
    0 out of 8 users report that they have tried cheaper alternative to this medicine.
    Users Percentile
    Yes, tried cheaper alternative0
    No, not tried cheaper alternative8
    Participants: 8
    Cheaper Alternative Effectiveness
    No data has been collected for this survey

    Nexito Plus Tablet Working, Mechanism of Action and Pharmacology

    Nexito Plus Tablet improves the patient's condition by performing the following functions:
    References: 2, 3


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